Saturday, January 26, 2008

SALSA .... valentines card

One thing that I love to do is dancing salsa... since I moved to SP I ve been to 3 salsas night club... bouboun, rey castro and last thursday Azucar. I gotta say that I suck at it but it doesnt stop me of going to those places, and every time I tell my self that I have to start taking salsa classes!!
I love the way that people move when dancing and how fun is when you're dancing!
And it reminds a lot of my last year living in Kyoto!! I had so much fun going to El Coyote and learning and dancing with friends... Who would believe that I would fall in love with this dance! I really hated when my friends started going to salsa... hihihi but now can not wait to go dance again!!! Fun!!! fun!!! fun!!!

As valentines day is coming ... (though in brazil is only in june) I posted in crafster a kirigami card I had for years... thought I posted in here as well...

I bought the card back in 1992, I gave that away... but made a diagram one paper for me... other day I was putting my craft stuff in order and found it...
diagram I made for my self from the card I bought
tools needed to make the card
Just cut where is indicated and  mark the lines and fold valley for the pink line and mountain fold for the purple line... for the corners I cut with the punch....


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