Monday, January 21, 2008

Roses, roses, and more roses....

This is my new addiction!!! My first attempts were very frustating... but now they look like roses!!!

This is a variation of Kawasaki's rose, I checked some of the diagrams over the internet and some videos on youtube, I found this one where a kid was making the rose... and I thought, if a ten years old can do it why can't I?

I won't lie saying that it was easy to make the rose cause it was quite hard for me to follow his direction, but when I was almost giving up I came across with this japanese website, which is the easiest one I found to follow (I might say that I was relieved cause my pride would not let me give up! ;p)

It is amazing how a piece of paper can become such a beautiful rose, don't you think?

The book where you can find the "real" Kawasaki's rose is 折り紙夢WORLD 花と動物編 by 川崎 敏和.

I haven't tried the one in the book, but maybe one day when I feel more prepared... for now I'm happy with the one I'm making...

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