Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It is usual in Brazil, when the baby is born, we visit the baby either at hospital or home, and my cousin asked me to make some birth announcement favors... I made some key holders and made a box using scrapbooking technique...

I like the result and decided to make some photo frame using the same technique... 

carton mousse

Last year I started a new hobby... carton mousse!! It quite addictive and super easy to make! As I m not in to update my blog there is all the boxes I made using that technique ...
my first box... didnt have black fabric for the hair...

this one I gave to my friend Dona Ana.

this one I made for my grandmother... funny thing , her eyesight is bad, so when i gave it to her she opened and said this is empty.. had to tell her that the box was the gift!

love the background fabric.. it was my mom s old dress!!
inspired by kyoto geisha

ukiyo-e inspired

romero britto inspired

for my cousin s son...

made it for my niece melissa
made 2 of it.. give both as a present

Friday, April 8, 2011


My niece Lia was born on 28 th march 2011... for those that visited my sister at the hospital we gave as a favour, key holders, and memo holder and cake!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

X'mas is coming...

So, Xmas is coming and I started making my presents... first of them were these bottle to hold messages, they have mini origami tsuru inside. I copy the idea from this blog .

and since I learn to make this chinese knot I had to do something using it... so there are this keyholders!

these are the chinese knots that im able to make.

Friday, November 5, 2010

dragon fly

I still had some cord left and looked for things to do with it... that was one of the easiest one i found....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I lost a dear cousin last month, and I wanted to make something for her... As a japanese tradition, when someone passes away, relatives and friends give money to help to pay the expenses of the funeral (kouden). In return the family gives a gift (okaeshi) usually given on the 49 th day memorial cerimony.
And this will be one of the gifts...
I choose the chinese knot that means good luck, the green color of the beads meaning healthy, the white color meaning peace and the origami crane meaning long life and happiness...

It wasnt so hard to make those, the problem was that I had to go shopping 3 times for the stuff... I wish I was smart and buy everything only in one trip!!!

for now I have one hundred ... 200 to go!!!

final work... Im sure that if my cousin was here she would like it!!!


I got this flyers in a night club, as the paper was thicker than usual I decided to make something different... and it turned to a vase!!! now i got to make the flowers...