Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more Kurumie

Im glad that March is over !! Even though is the month to celebrate my dad, my brother and cousin's bday, I lost my dearest uncle to cancer, terible disease!!! 
I didnt have much free time, and whenever I could, I want visit either my uncle or my niece!!
But I didnt want to be sad so I made 3 new works... 

this cat is to bring lucky!
this is a small one and I gave to my cousin for her new apartment.


Ian said...

Kurumie! So that's what they are. My Japanese students used to give me them as gifts, often in the form of a bookmark.

Rumiko said...


While I'm bored... said...

Ian, I think this work is called kurumie (くるみ絵), and it is made using washi paper. When fabric is used they call it oshie (押絵)

Hisashiburi... You re always welcome here... do you believe that i only started doing this art after coming back from japan!!! I wish I had started over there and probably would learn a lot.. now i have to struggle to learn it.